Create directory lists and perform different tasks with them

Originally, ScanDir was developed to print a directory listing containing all photos on a CD. And that is about all that ScanDir version 0.1 could do. With the next versions, new and more advanced selections were possible (e.g. the use of Masks and/or multiple Strings and/or selections based upon file size and/or file date). Operations on the internal list of selected items were added. With ScanDir you can Delete, Copy, Move, Rename, Join, Split and change the Attibutes of selected files. The selected items list can be printed, saved as a plain ASCII text file or as a .CSV file.

Instead of scanning a drive, ScanDir can also process a pre-defined list of directories. It is also possible to specify an exclude list of directories which should be skipped during scanning.

The latest additions to ScanDir include the ability to View textfiles, Play media files, Open (run) executables and calculate an MD5 checksum. In version 1.0, the Rename function has new options.

This is what ScanDir has to offer:

  • Multiple file selection criteria
  • Print Scan results
  • Save Scan results in plain text and/or .csv format
  • Perform file operations (Del, Ren, Copy...) over multiple directories
  • Navigate through directories in multiple ways (Bookmarks, Goto, Browse, Copy/Paste...)
  • Copy one or more filenames (with or without path) to clipboard



ScanDir 1.1 beta